Track your shipment

Track your shipment in real time at any of your device with our GPS tracking system


After the truck loading you will receive a link that allows you to follow the vehicle with your cargo in real time along the map at any device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone). This means, when there’s an update of the vehicle’s position, the map will automatically zoom on your screen turn-by-turn.


Our fleet management solution is a system based on GPS and GSM technology, able to manage important information that allows us to correct our planning and truck routes live. The data transmission between vehicles and control center letting us to get an informative data in always constant and immediate way.

We can control all our fleets in real time, view routes, interact with the map (manage point of interests, flags, etc.), calculate the distance from vehicles up to the particular delivery points, obtain information about traffic or find an address in the map.


We can also view the “route history”, to visualize vehicle route made at any particular day and hour, among many other available features.